Making Europe Multi-planetary,

A privately-integrated provider of commercial launch services, testing operations and logistics, with state-of-the-art infrastructures

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Dedicated vertical launches and commercial activities
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Standardizing processes as the first 360 launch operator
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Testing, storage & fuel farming
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Direct impacts, stimulating localities with strong and engaging STEM initiatives

From contract
to space.

OLM will deliver the first dedicated launch service to space for small launchers, providing our customers control over their schedule and enabling tailored missions that cannot be matched by large segment rideshare.

From blueprints
to the test-bed.

We look to be more than a R&D partner; because OLM enables launchers to test and develop more. On our sites, customers will benefit from state-of-the-art test-beds, regulatory assistance and facilities, from design to ignition.

From the classroom
to the launchpad.

From its inception, OLM believes that strong STEM initiatives will drive the innovations of tomorrow. Just like for testing, OLM is firmly determined to make an impact where it matters by laying their foundations.

The potential to benefit thousand of young students, through interactive teaching, rocketeering competitions and intensive Outreach operations, is infinite.